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    Default Fuel Filter

    I want to replace the inline fuel filter in my 2002 Moomba Mobius. Does anyone know of a suitable aftermarket replacement? Thanks.

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    Brian Raymond Guest

    Default Filter Change

    The factory installed filter is a Wix brand, part#33482. This part # will cross referance to other major brands at your local parts store. I suggest changing the filter at the beginning of the boating season, or every 100 hrs. Brian Raymond

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    Default Take the old one to the parts store

    I changed mine on the 2000 Kamberra. I took the old one off and took it to the parts store (auto parts that is). They referenced about 3 choices from 4-15$.

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    I am looking for the part number of the spin on fuel filter. Not th einline--the spin on. Thanks.

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    Default filter

    Try Mercury Marine water separating fuel filter 35-802893T. Outwardly it looks like an oil filter in size and shape. It works for the 99 outback. Got it from the Moomba dealer for $7.95.

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