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    OK -
    So I took on the task of winterizing myself this year. I've already flushed the engine with anti-freeze, changed out the oil and filter, changed out the tranny fluid, & fogged the cylinders. It's pretty straight forward......So I thought. But as I'm into it I've uncovered some issues (or at least some questions).

    1.) I pushed on the throttle body to fog the intake and engine rev'd and the red engine light kicked on. I threw this up on another thread and solution might have to wait till spring since I've already winterized. Hope disconnecting the batts over the winter will solve it or I'll have to make a trip to the dealer (3hrs one way) to get the code cleared first of the season.

    2.) Pulled the floor to check alignment (still on the list of to do's) and I see anti-freeze leaking from somewhere. As I further inspected I found it to be coming from the mufflers? This should NOT be should it? Boat is only 3 years old with 182hrs. I don't see anywhere to drain the mufflers of any fluids? Could this be from freeze damage? ATTACHED PICTURE

    3.) A couple of Zip Ties were broke holding the blower vent hose so I re-enforced the hose to ensure I didn't end up with a transmission problem like Waynes345 and have wire wrapped up all over the shaft.

    4.) Planning on cleaning out the bilge area when I'm all done. What works the best? Do you do it in spring or before storing? I was thinking of spraying it out with water and a bit of dish soap and seems to make more sense to do it in the spring? Just cautious about putting and raw water anywhere in the boat at this time of year!
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