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Well my first thought after looking at it would be to do it like the existing floor access panels;
  • Cut away carpet where access is needed
  • Trim carpet back at all corners and fold back
  • Cut opening in comp floor
  • Route a recessed lip all the way around opening
  • Lay carpet back down and adhese around opening edges
  • Cut aluminum plate to fit opening
  • Drill holes into plate to secure to lip
  • Cover plate with carpet and secure
Another method SC could do would be to manufacture a dam from their molds that could be pushed up from the locker into the void and sealed using asphalt roofing sealer. This could be done, i've seen trickier done before.
Good idea. That would look good as long as it's done right. That's the way SC did the access panel for the second drain plug under the gas tank on the newer LSV's except that it has a ring pull on it and it's not screwed down but that's because it has to be accessed frequently.

Although, I'm not sure the routed recessed lip would be strong enough. Might have to screw in some flat stock of aluminum instead. And that way, you could just use the piece that you cut out as the cover plate.