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    Default Fuel Line Warning !!

    Hi everyone. We took our new 08 LSV out Sunday, It has 5 hours on it now. About 45 minutes into playing we all started to get headachs, Also my daughter was Surfing and had to quit a few minutes into it. When we stopped to pick here up we all were hit with a huge vapor of fuel, I am not sure why but I hit the blower switch and shut the motor down. I opened the motor lid and was overwhelmed by fumes. This was serious folks!.
    We let it clear out and lucky us we were close to the docks.
    What we found was the Brass fitting coming off the tee next to the fuel pump was split in two, This was fanning fuel over the motor. I was told by our service guy that a few of the brass fittings have had cracks (over tighten?) The new fittings are stainless!. Please check these fittings. All you have to do is turn the key on and inspect your fuel lines, Look for bubbled paint from gas leaks. No dought we got lucky on this one, The good lord even watches us Boaters. I have inclosed a picture of the fitting, you can see the split from the pipe side down. Take care all......David
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    Thank you for the post. I just bought a 08 Outback V so i will be checking that this weekend. I am happy you and your family are safe.

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    Thanks for the info. I will be checking the line before we hit the water this weekend.
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    The good Lord watches over boaters and our owners watch over each other. David, you may have saved some lives or prevented serious injuries by taking the time to describe this issue. Thanks very much from everyone.
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    Yikes - I'm really glad this had a happy ending!! I get a fuel smell after I've had the mooring cover on it for a little while - I'm thinking this is just to due to venting but I think I'll be checking that little fitting.

    Thanks David!
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    Thanks for the post david. That's good info to have and something I never would have thought to check myself, but I definetely will now!
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    Default Thanks - i had this very same thing happen

    I had the u shaped fuel line fitting crack and I'm 2 hours away from a dealer so this saved me towing it home and made finding it very easy. this is kind of a dangerous problem that im suprised they have not notified owners of this problem - this was on an 07 outback v with 23hrs.

    thanks again

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    Ill be checking mine out later this weekend also before my next outting


    Heres a question maybe im thinking of nothing help me out.

    When my boat is in the garage all week and not doing anything i come into the garage from the house and smell fuel or jsut shop engine smells. I never smelled this with the car or truck in the garage.

    When i open the engine compartment of the boat i smell it also. Its not raw fuel, just a slight smell of it and general engine smell i think. I figure its nothing as its nothing dominating my senses and i don't get headaches from it. Im just wondering if anyone else has this smell in there garages from there boats?

    One more thing, i read in repair section about starters going bad in Moombas due to hot engines being turned off at the docks and condensation building in the engine area while driving it home.

    I recently started storing my boat with all the rear compartments open to vent them and let them dry a bit after a weekend. Tubes and wake boards are always wet when we come off the water and i store them in the ballast area on the trip home. What im wondering is how long after i trailer my boat while im cleaning it should i leave the engine bay open? Last night after an all day trip on the Fall Creek i left the engine bay open for about 30 minutes while i cleaned the boat and stowed all gear and people hit the restroom.
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    Wow thanks for the update. It is strange that no recall has gone out on such a dangerous problem.

    Glad to hear that you guys are safe

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    mmandley, I normally open the engine hatch, rear storage lids, and open the passenger seat back to where the battery is off and take the front seats out of the bow and open the infloor ski locker where the front balast bag is when i get home from using the boat, let everthing air out- then the next time we are leaving to go i put everthing back

    that smell i remember when i got my boat new but now i dont smell it-think its normall
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