I have a question about the suitability of this level controller for my application. I have a two amp system - JL M6600 running the 6 cabin speakers and a Kicker ZX700.5 running the tower speakers and the sub off the 5th channel. I have a remote level controller for the sub installed at the helm so I am all set there. I would like to be able to increase the output off the tower speakers relative to the cabin speakers while on the go. In other words, be able to turn up the tower speakers without turning up the cabin speakers. Currently, I use the fader control on the head unit to balance between by cabins and the towers but I can't access it while on the go since it's in the glove box. If I set the fader at 50/50 cabins and towers, then install a PAC LC-1 inline with the RCAs to the Kicker powering the towers, can I then turn up the output of the tower speakers with the PAC LC-1? I realize that I will only be able to turn it up +8db relative to where the volume is set on the head unit. How does the PAC do this? Does it boost the input voltage coming from the HU and if so, wouldn't it also add distortion?