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Morgan nice set up. did you pre wire the board before you mounted it. Glad you took a pic of that alpine amp, its gonna be tough to see again. also did you tune it before th final mount.
I wired it when the amp rack was half way in, and finished it after I moved the rack all the back.

The tuning was def done prior to the install, although I can still reach the knobs on that alpine from under the passenger seat. I am still having issues with that amp and the gain levels. They are only up to about 10 % any higher, OR if I turn the deck volume to 100% the amp goes into protect mode. I cant seem to figure out why??? Ive been doing stereo installs for years and years. Its not like Im that green to it but I cant seem to figure this out. Ive been doing some reading online and it seems lots of people are having this same issue with that amp (pdx 4.100) so who knows???