My next project will be to upgrade the ballast system and I am currently reading what everyone has done and considering all options. What would be really helpful to me (and to others I'm sure) is to see some quantitative data, i.e., actual, accurate (timed, not estimated) fill times. For example, when I did the prop testing recently, I timed how long it took for my stock system to fill 1,310 lbs of ballast from empty. I considered the ballast full once water started coming out of the evac thru hull fitting. As soon as it did that, I shut off that switch. When water started coming out of evac thru hull fitting of the last bag, I stopped the timer.

So please post up your fill times and a brief description of your set up (# and size of intakes, size of fill hoses, model and # of pumps, + anything else you think is relevant). If you timed your system before the upgrade, please post that data too.

I'll start with some baseline data:

Stock G3 ballast system on 2006 LSV (one 3/4" intake, one 2000 GPH Rule pump, sprinkler valves), 1,310 lbs of ballast (455#x2 + 400#) took 14 min, 55 seconds to fill with boat at rest. Note: bags were not completely empty - they had been filled then emptied to the point that no more water was coming out of the evac fittings with boat at rest (but there was still some water in the bags).

If haven't timed your system yet, please do so next time you go out and post your fill times here. For consistency, please do this with your boat at rest as filling with boat underway will decrease fill times. Thanks in advance and let's keep this thread going!