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Thread: Help a newby

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    thanx guys. I'll look for those then!
    Sounds like anywhere around $40 is a pretty good buy for helmets!

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    mmandley. Hey I like the idea of the helmet, I have hit myself in the head with the board. As far as getting up I get up different than a lot of people here and it works for all of us, we start with the board floating about 2 inches of it out of the water and your legs are 90-90 like you are sitting in a chair laying on the floor then the rope goes between your feet and the handle is by your ankles. you have to keep the board up and the driver guns the engine and you just pop up. With the wakeboard you should come up right away not like the ski where you get drug through the water. I like the analogy of getting help up from the floor. THe more engine the better so you don't have to try to hang on to the rope for a long time while fighting the water. here is a good link. When steering the board you had the right idea with steering with your back foot but you control you back foot by leaning. it will come just practice. as far as learning switch it is really easy to learn switching the board as you cross the wake on the knuckle, less board is in the water to catch an edge on. the biggest thing I think when doing flatwater spins and switching is turn the board quickly, if you try to turn it slowly you are more likely to catch an edge. Hope this helps man. You can pimp my stereo and I can help you ride.

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