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    Default Raw Water Intake Strainer Install

    Moderators, please feel free to sticky this.

    An intake strainer prevents debris in the water from entering your cooling system and possibly damaging your impeller. It is a factory installed option on Moombas. I installed a Sherwood 1-1/4" intake strainer on my 2006 LSV today. Here are the step by step instructions:

    1. Remove intake hose where it connects to the v-drive. Using a crescent wrench applied to the back (square end) of the fitting, turn it clockwise so that the fitting is pointing straight up.

    2. Install 90 degree, 1-1/4" PVC fittings onto the strainer as shown. I used teflon tape to help ensure a water tight fit. I got the elbows from Home Depot, $1.48 each.

    3. IMPORTANT: Note that the strainer has an arrow indicating the direction of water flow so make sure you orient it correctly.

    4. Using a utility knife, cut a length of hose from the existing raw water hose just long enough to allow you to connect the outlet end of the strainer to the v-drive fitting. Note that there is a spiral wound wire embedded in the rubber hose. You will eventually hit it with your knife. If so, cut the hose in the opposite direction (going away from the wire) until you get to it again, then cut the wire with a wire cutter.

    5. Slip the hose on the strainer first, then over the v-drive fitting. You will need two 2" stainless steel hose clamps for this install (Home Depot again). I put a little Vaseline on the inside of the hose to make it easier to slip over the fitting but even then, I could not get the hose to go any further onto the PVC fittings than what you see in the pics. The wire in the hose prevents it from expanding much so it's a struggle to slip the hose onto the barbed PVC fitting very far.

    6. Install the hose from the raw water intake to the inlet of the raw water strainer and secure with a hose clamp.

    7. Check to make sure you have clearance below the bowl so you can lower and remove it. Check to make sure the strainer clears the v-drive cover.

    Here's a link to Razz's post about where to get the strainer for about $20 less than the marine online retailers.

    Here are the pics:

    Intake hose removed:

    V-drive fitting rotated upwards:

    90 degree PVC fittings installed onto raw water strainer:

    All done:
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