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    Okay guys, I have been on this site for a while and have been slowly upgrading things on my boat. I have posted about some of them, but never posted any photos. So now I am going to make up for my slackness in this thread. My boat is a 2001 Outback DD.

    I will start with the sub box I did a couple of years ago. I knew from doing car audio that the sub should not face the cockpit and should be "loaded" to get the best sound. I also knew that my bow is easy to dunk when loaded up. So I designed the box to replace the drivers footwell panel and to sit up off the floor with the sub firing forward and down a bit. I made it from MDF since it is so dense and stable, and I coated the box with many layers of polyurethane and paint, but the moisture has still gotten to it and the MDF has started to swell up some. I think for the next box, I will just go ahead and coat the whole thing with epoxy resin. I used an Infinity Perfect 10 since it has a tiny enclosure requirement, and Crutchfield had them 2 for 1 the other year. It is powered by a Hart HT-400 that was in the boat when I bought it, but still works great. I am running it bridged and I think the RMS output is 150Wx1, which doesn't sound like a lot, but that sub is very efficient and it sounds excellent. Here are some photos.
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    Brian Roberts
    2001 Outback DD

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