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    Default Help Wiring Lift Motor to Switch

    I am putting in a new lift and was given a used Magnetek 3/4 hp motor and switch to use to raise boat up and down. I have searched for a wiring diagram and can't seem to find one. The motor has 6 wires coming from it. White, Black, Red, Blue, Orange & Yellow.

    The switch has 5 wires. White, Black, Red, Orange, and Green. I tried matching colors and the motor would only run in one direction. What is the correct way to wire it up?

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    There may be someone familar with this motor that may help. Can you provide the information on the motor label plate?
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    the folks at Lunmar helped me when I wired up mine. here is a link to the wiring diagram and their phone number is on the top right

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    Here are some pics of the motor and switch. I know the switch is wired correct because it came off a working lift. So the question is related to wiring it to motor
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    Here are a few more pics. And the last one is for the guys up north that doesn't belive that it snows in Texas, in FREAKING March
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