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    Default Total Exile System Delivered to John's Shop

    I spent a good bit of the day yesterday driving to an install shop in Kentucky. One of the members here named John (username - jonyb) is going to install a fairly involved Exile system for me. When I arrived at his shop, I was rather impressed. John has room for 4-5 boats, and has 3 boats in there right now (counting my boat). I will try to get pictures up on this thread to keep everyone updated on the progress (if you are interested).

    Here is a listing of the stuff to install:

    4 - Exile XM-7 tower speakers. Each pair will be powered by an Exile S400.4 Amp.

    6 - Exile XT-65s will be used in the cabin. They will be powered by an Exile Xi800.4 Amp.

    1 - Exile Big12d2 Subwoofer. This will be powered by an Exile Xi1500.1 Amp.

    1 - Wetsounds WS-420 Equalizer. This is arguably the best on the market right now.

    So, it will be a total of 4 amps, and 10 new speakers. It is still up in the air about battery power. It is thought that I will need either 1 or 2 Stinger batteries to power just the stereo. I am pretty excited about this system. It should really kick some serious tail once it is dialed-in.

    Here are a couple pictures of my boat before the install, and a table-full of electronics at his shop.


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    Amps--Xi 1500.1, Xi 800.4 and 2--S400.4

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