Hey guys -

Over the winter we took the pulse from guys about getting together for an afternoon of audio related teaching, tech / tuning tips for the DIY guys, and open Q & A of advice from us industry peeps. From what I saw, a lot of people where interested but more people preferred to wait until spring time.


Date: MAR 20 or 21st (I'd like to get some input on this)
Location: Exile Audio - Lake Oswego, Oregon
Time: Noon - 3pm or so!


Exile acoustic engineer Bill Hasbrook will give a hands on tuning session about setting up amplifier gains, audio system design and layout. He'll also discuss HLCD speaker technology from the inside out and take on whatever questions you fire at him.

I also confirmed today that Terry from Meguire's International will join us for a teaching session and live waxing demo. These guys are amazing and I think everyone would learn a thing or two. Who wants to volunteer their boat?

I need to get a feel for head count and who'd like to bring their boat so I can sort out logistics. This should be a fun thing for everyone and a great way to off this season.

I hope to see some of you NW guys out there.

Exile Audio