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    Default Depth Gauge Temp install.

    This is how i installed the Hawk-eye Water Depth / Water Temperature / Air Temperature gauge.


    This unit requires you to drill a hole in the hull of the boat because it has a water temperature feature. The sending unit is a 2inch unit that has to be installed from the bottom of the hull into your boat.

    These are the steps and pictures for my install.

    First and foremost, wear safety glasses, and cover as much of your body as possible as drilling threw the bottom of the boat will create lots of fine fiberglass particles and it will be all over you.

    Locate where in the boat you want to mount the sending unit. It needs to be in an area where there isn't water turbulence. I chose in-front of the paddle wheel for the speedometer.

    You need to be sure where in the engine compartment you want the sending unit to sit. I needs to be flat to it can seal to the boat. Make sure you measure inside the boat and under the outer hull, pay attention to the lines of the hull as there are curves, and angles in the outer fiberglass that you cannot see inside the engine compartment.

    I made a little template out of a extra Ace envelope i had. I cut a curve shaped to fit the paddle wheel unit and then traced the Hawk-eye unit to it so i could see the distance they would be apart.

    Then i was able to take it and tape it to the bottom of the boat for my cutting.

    I applied 3 layers of blue painters tape to the Gell coat side of the boat. I then taped my template into place.


    1 after your completely sure everything is lined up and where you want it, check it all again.

    2. Always remember to drill threw the Gell coat in reverse. Once your are threw the gell and into the fiber glass you can put the drill in forward.

    3. I drilled a very small pilot hole threw my template and threw the boat. Then i was able to really check my alignments before my final hole.

    4. I drilled a 2inch diameter hole with a hole saw bit. 3/4 way threw from the bottom and then i went into the engine bay and drilled the last part from there. I wanted to make sure the cuts were smooth on both sides and no chipping would occur.

    5. Removed all the tape, inspected the gell coat, no chips.

    6. Installed the new sending unit and tightened it down as specified.

    The unit comes with a really thick rubber seal gasket. I did not use any sealing agents as of yet. I will look into this and see if i need to. I am weary as to making a finally seal with the threaded unit until its in the water and i know it all works properly.

    As for the gauge install, it fits the factory openings, i routed the cable from the sending unit to the dash and plugged everything in. I used the factory depth gauge power and ground from the main harness.

    Picture 1 final dash display
    Picture 2 Template in place before drilling
    Picture 3 Started Drilling
    Picture 4 Hole finished
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