On Sunday I placed an order with www.oznium.com - Being that my boat isn't in the water yet I'm going a little stir crazy and needed a project to keep me from going mental - So I'm going to mess around with a few different set-ups to see if I can concoct a 'budget' transom LED set-up. I figured even if what I ordered doesn't work for underwater I'll have some LEDs to tinker with inside the boat.

So I ordered 1 of these:

High Intensity Spot Light ($17)

1 of these:

High Intensity Flood Light ($17)

and 5 of these:

SuperFlux 4-Chip LED ($3 ea)

I have a feeling I'm going to be ordered a bunch more of the SuperFlux, as a lot of people have used them to illuminate cup holders/beverages, and I think that looks cool.

So, I'm going to see how bring each of the High Intensity lights really are - I think it might be cool to run 4 seperate lights under the transom; 2 flood, and 2 spot to get a really good mix of coverage.

I ordered on Sunday and my shipment arrived today, so far I'm very impressed with the product, packaging and prompt shipping. I'll post some actual pics tonight of what I've got, and how they look - perhaps even some 'bathtub' tests! haha.