I just received my XM7 speakers and amp in the mail the other day. Super fast delievery Brian, thanks you ROCK. I could hardly wait to pull one out and take a look......WOW amazing!!!

I thought long and hard about this upgrade and I figured "GO BIG OR GO HOME". I wanted to get tower speakers that I would be happy with for years, not just a season or two. I picked the XM7's not just because they are crazy powerful and look awesome, but they are extremely user friendly. Let me define user friendly better.......they seem to be built like a tank, solid structure that looks like it can handle the outdoor elements.....quick release so I can take them down when the boat sits on the lift while I'm stuck working .......ability to rotate 360 degress, I can pound the tunes towards an afternoon game of vollyball.......smooth wireless look.

I can't wait to start the install, I'll keep you all posted.

Pair of Exile Audio XM7's with 4 channel Xi800.4 Exile amp. Brian from Exile Audio told me this amp bridged will hammer these speakers, I can't wait