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  1. New Ride

    I have not even been out on her yet so I have no idea how well the bimini works!
  2. My new 07 LSV - Black-Red and White. FINALLY I have pics!

    Well everyone,

    After talking for so long to people here about my purchase and things which are going great and could be better, I am finally posting a picture in high resolution so here we go. I...
  3. Replies

    Mobius Font for the Tribal Logo

    What font is the Tribal Mobius Logo on the 07's? I am looking for a font with NUMBERS that is close so I can use it for my boat registration.

  4. Skiers Choice Sales Support is OUTSTANDING...and some ideas

    To those considering a Skiers Choice Product....let me tell you a story.

    Before I ordered my 07 LSV, I asked loads of questions of my dealer and the sales line. The Canadian Skiers Rep was...
  5. This board has technical problem logging in

    My old user name is (was) shulaj. I tried for weeks to log in but my old password did not work and when this board would email me a new password (with the help option on the login page) even THAT...
  6. Picking up New Boat. I saw a checklist once...where???

    Anyone know where it is? There was a number of things to look for in a well organized list. Mine is an 07 LSV.
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