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    Default Here's The Problem with Moombas!

    The problem with Moombas is no one talks about the quality wake! Everyone seems to have a "wakeboard" boat. I tried wakeboarding twice, first time it hurt, the second time it hurt worse! I'm a skier! Moombas have a wake that is just as good as any Nautique! I just read in Waterski that the Moomba outback has a bump at 22 off, I never felt it. I guess that there are not that many skiers left out there but I'd like to hear other people's opinions. I know that with the towers and all you can get some sweet tunes going on... you haven't heard my boat! No tower, but I create some wakes in perfect glass without the boat moving. Let's talk about how sweet it is to run a pass on the course with our Moombas, we all know that Moombas can create a kick axx wakeboarding wake... what about the flat wake? Anyone out there that cares?

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    I'd say it is well known (at least on this BB) the Outback is a ski boat.
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    Shane - It's a head turner (in the water or on the trailer) and great boat. I'm teaching my boys how to drive. Only the middle one feels comfortable driving for me. Last season I got maybe five pulls before breaking a rib. Loved the acceleration into and across the wake. I'm an average skier. It's been more than twenty years since I was last in a tournament and don't remember enough to compare the current ride behind the Outback to a MC or Nautique. I sold my Nautique in 1987 to pay for graduate school. The Outback we boat last year has been a real joy. - Deerfield

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    I ski behind a '98 Outback and I can't see that there would be much difference between boats of the same size and weight. I could see adding a wake plate would allow the driver to adjust the wake and knock down the prop wash. I don't have a wake plate and I see there is a small bump or ripple behind the rooster tail but skiing at 35mph I never have time to notice it except driving the boat. I see ski boats have gotten larger but I still prefer the smaller direct drives for the best wake and skiing like the 19' Prostar but it isn't any good for anything else and there is more to my boating than watersking.

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    Shane: I have a ski family. My, my wife and parents and now our children. For years I have wanted a direct drive ski boat and finally had the chance this year when my parents old I/O started sinking (slowly, but still sinking).

    I test drove and skied behind a Nautique 206 and was almost ready to buy it, when I had a look at the Outback.

    The Outback is a fantastic slalom boat. As for wakeboarding, I'm happy to try, but still afraid of adding ballast.

    I just spent 3 hours on a plane with nothing to read but the waterski mag's 2008 buyers guide. If this were a medical journal article, it would be slammed for horrible bias. Objectively, the Outback is as good as any other direct drive slalom boat. However, subjectively, the authors show a bias directly proportional to the ad space in the magazine, even mentioning that Malibu sponsored one of their tournaments.

    I think I would have been just as happy with the Nautique. But, now I have $20 000 extra in my pocket to spend on the 'extras' for the boat.
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    As for comparing boats,I too bought an Outback DD and am more than satisfied . As a ski boat it has been second only to a Malibu Response with no tower as we have various friends with other ski boats.I've compared to a Mastercraft 209 ,2 Malibu's a Gecko, Centurion,2 Supra's and many runabouts and Bang for your buck I/We win.Everybody wants to ski my boat except when Malibu is around then its which boat is available first.As for wakeboarding I have the tower but no ballast and a wakeplate only and other than a couple of serious wakeboard riders absolutely no complaints.We have not wake surfed yet but who knows.Most of our friends bought there boats for various reasons and features But all but one admit Bang for your Buck this one wins. This is a nice skiboat and very family friendly. Now if the weather would just warm up we could get back to using it.

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    I have to agree that the Outback is the best all around boat on the market. It's a tournament grade ski boat with the added advantage of the tower, wakeplate and ballast making it a formidable wakeboarding machine. Its the perfect combination for a family of skiers that all do different things.

    I've noticed a bit of a hop behind our Outback between 32 and 35mph. If your form is correct and your riding the edge of the ski thru the wake its not even noticable. I only get it when I flatten out.

    I think you can buy a better boat for specific uses. The bigger Moombas and Supras with the 4' wakes are obviously going to make the wakeboarders happier and there are boats out there with flatter slalom wakes if you want to pay 50,000.00. And by the way, try a slalom pass behind an LSV and a wakeboard run behind a small Mastercraft. They just aren't versatile like the Outback

    Possibly the best thing about the Outback for me is that I have yet to find anything I really dislike about the boat. Its a very well rounded, affordable, family skiboat.
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    We have a 99 Mobius DD with carb. I think this is probably the predecesor to the current outback?? We are primarily skiers and have no real problem with the wake.

    But I don't like 22 off . Out at 15 off there is no problem and in at 28 off and shorter at 34mph - no problem. I am not sure how much of the 22 off bump is in my head though. I heard long ago that all ski boats have that bump to some degree, so I feel it in my boat whether it is there or not. I think I have had some skiers mention it.

    I think it is more sensitive to weight. If I have a boat load of people I will stay out at 28 off. If I am down to a driver and spotter and maybe one passenger and the boat is balanced I will go 38 off...

    The wake is also pretty sensitive to load distribution. I often annoy the passengers by directing them from behind the boat to try to balance.

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    I have a 1975 MasterCraft Stars and Stripes in very, very good condition! There is really no wake to speak of because the boat is so little and light. I have never had to think about crossing the wake, it is NO issue. BUT!!! I cannot take my friends, my kids cannot take their friends and when we bought a wakeboard this year there was nothing to jump off of. So yes if you are only going to ski through the course and just do tournaments get a Pro190. But for us we want to do it all and have fun with our friends so from what I see nobody does this like Moomba!

    PS Very Good Condition MC for sale!!!!

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    I've not noticed this bump. The prop has some to do with this as well. I put a 13 x 13 4 balde stainless on last summer and instantly I had a bump. For me at 36 mph it was a none issue, but for my wife and son at slower speeds it was a real pain and very unpleasant.

    Overall I can't see how you could improve the boat without jacking up the price with fancier interiors and bling. The new EFI motors are top notch, the trailer is a dream and the bow is the nicest on the market. My wife sat in the front bow of almost every ski boat on the market becasue that's her favorite place to hand out when we are floating around and it was believe it or not a big part of her decission making process and you know what they say "if she's happy your happy"

    I've been skiing behing tournament boats for 20yrs and this boat is as good if not better than anything out there and it's plenty comfy for a family of 5

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