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    Default waterski wake behind LSV decent?

    taking possession of my 2002 LSV this Fri.. i havent driven one yet.. there isnt any at the dealer..he is sold out.. and has been for a while.. all boats comming in are going out..and they dont even have a demo boat avail to show!!!.. guess that says enough for the boat... i know the wakes are big.. but can they be sorta small if you want them small for the skiers in the boat?... im not expecting direct drive wakes...but softer smaller wakes would be nice so im not jumping the wake at 36 mph...that landing could hurt.... any comments from LSV owners?
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    I took the boat out last night and tried the slalom wake with the wakeplate clear up and halfway between clear up and clear down (I assume the fixed factory plate is similar to one of these settings). If it is, then like Bobby said in your previous post the slalom wake was not too good. I think the adjustable plate is probably more important for reducing the wake than it is for increasing the wake.
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    Default waterski wake behind LSV decent?

    Just replaced a 2000 Mobius with an '03 Outback LSV. I took it out for the first time yesterday and loved it. I'm not sure if the Mobius v and Outback LSV have similiar wakes, but they probably do. My slalom wake didn't compare with my old Mobius, but it will do. The hydraulic wake plate did improve the slalom wake some, but serious buoy heads won't like the wake from any V drive. I'm new at the wake plate thing, and don't really know what I'm doing yet, but I noticed a second table on the wake when using the plate. It wasn't enough to cause problems, but there nontheless. I think it's fine for recreational skiing though. Good luck with your new boat and keep living for four days and six days!
    Cola - '03 Outback LSV

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    We have a Mobius LSV and both Ski and Wakeboard and find the slalom wakes pretty decent even when we have the boat loaded with 6-8 people and four coolers. We have the wakeplate and you can adjust it to your liking and it throws some sick wakes when you load up the ballast.

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