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    Default tower folding on Mobius

    I was wondering where the contact point is for the tower when folded forward . The boat is a Mobius 2003
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    Default Tower drop

    When the cage is folded fwd., the front uprights will hit the deck at mid bowback range, to keep from marring the gel., when lowered for storage, place some foam pipe insulation around the effected areas. Brian Raymond

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    Default Folding Towers

    Thanks Brian
    I understand what you are saying but I am concerned that there is a lot of stresses on these two points which are so close together . Unfortunately my boat spends too much time in my garage with the tower folded so this is why I am questioning the folding.
    The new nav light on the towers is a great addition.
    Keep up the the good work.
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    Default Tower lowering storage

    I too keep my boat in the garage with the tower folded down. I was concerned with stress on those 2 points, so when I first started out, I had a 2x4 about 24 inches long that I cut a notch in for the skirope holder to sit in. When the tower was folded down I would put a towel on the bow right by the light, put the board on top of that, and then prop the tower up against it. Works just fine for me, and i I know my mind is at ease not worrying about it. Hope this helps.

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    Default Tower folding on Mobius

    I have the same issue. I used 1x6 and built a stand that sits around the nose on the floor up to the tower. I created a V shape in the wood and use pipe insulation to keep it off the boat. It took about 30 minutes and works great.

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    Default Metal Support Bar

    Folks, I have a 03 Mobius and have the same concerns plus my back is killing me raising and lowering the tower everytime I go out. A buddy of mine has a dad that is a retired metal worker and he and I are working a design for a removable Support that will mount to the trailer on a swivle with cotter pin and have a cradle for the tower that will have a strap to secure it in place about a foot above the deck. Once we get it nailed down I will post some pics and directions. My hope is to make stabil enough to trailer. Wish me luck!!
    Matt Elliott
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    Default FoldingTower

    I have a 99 Mobius with a Stainless Rad-a-Cage. Because the speaker wires are routed through the back part of the frame I fold my tower backwards. I do this by myself from the ground.

    I use the telescoping support poles for the mooring cover to support the tower in the down position (off of the motor cowling). I also always put something thick and soft on the motor cowling just in case it falls. Only happened once in three years. I actually have to reposition the supports once. The first position allows the boat to go all the way in up to where the front legs of the cage almost hit the top of the garage door. Then I reposition the support to raise the top of the cage high enough to lower the front legs. (You can also lower the tounge jack if you are off the hitch.) Then back in the rest of the way. You can find a support length and locations so that you do not have to change the length of the support. Just make sure you wedge the support in a secure location amongst the various tubes of the cage.

    Once in the garage I restore the cage to it's original upright position and lock it in place by sliding a thick alan wrench in one of the bolt holes in the front support.

    Works really good for me, and since I am on the ground the whole time, not a lot of bending and lifting.

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    Default Tower Jack II

    Here is what I came up with to hold the tower off the boat.
    If interested let me know.

    It is very strong and will not scratch your boat. The uprights have an automotive finish. The base has a hole in themiddle which fits over the bow light to keep it in place. It really works well.
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