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    I just bought an Outback and before the kids start firing questions about the wake I want to know some info. Does anyone use a wake plate on an Outback? Is the wake behind an Outback good enough for non-competitive wakeboarding? Any other suggestions?

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    I have the 2001 Mob V with wakeplate. You have to move the plate up and down to suit the individual riders and amount of weight in the boat. I find that for cruising or skiing full down is best. For wakeboarding about 50% up. The wake gets steep if it all the way up.

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    I concur with the Mob V owner. I have a 01 Outback LS and have a wakeplate. I go full down to ski and full up to board. It makes a significant difference in both disciplines. The wakeplate trims the boat nicely for cruising as well. With the plate down the nose lowers a couple of degrees.

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