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    Default Direct Drive Vs V-Drive

    I have a young family (two boys 8 & 11) and we all love watersports. We ski, kneeboard, wakeboard, and tube on a mid-sized inland lake. We currently use a 1969 (restored) starcraft I/O. I am buying a new Moomba this spring but need help chooseing between the Mobuis & the Mobius LSV.
    My wife & I both ski (recreationaly), and I understand the ski wakes are better on the direct drive. I also wakeboard, and both my sons are starting this summer. I an afraid that the direct drive wake will not be big enough for my boys in a year or two when they are more advanced. I would think that even V-drive wake would be better for sking than the I/O that I am using now. Any sugestions on which boat would be better for my family? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Billy Blaze

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    Default To "V" or not to "V"

    This is a tough one to answer, it will evolve mostly around your family and the layout of the boat. The boats use the same hull, just with different deck and floor molds. Coming from an I.O. you will notice a much more bow down plane time and with more pulling power, so the skier won't drown. From your description of family, wakeboarding, skiing, and playing, you may be more likely to consider the V drive. There is alot more room for all day outings and has more than ample storage (even with both aft ballast bags full and in storage bag filled). When looking, I highly recommend the hydraulic wake plate. This is a teriffic option, you can trim all the way up for a phat wake and full ballast for wake boarding, or, with empty ballast, fine tune the the wake characteristics from the already designed ski boat hull. This is a big move, take the family to the dealership and test drive both, if ample weather, ski them both. Please let me know if I can further assist you with any other questions you may have in regards to a new or used Moomba purchase.Brian Raymond

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