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Thread: perko switch

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    Quote Originally Posted by guinsha54 View Post
    If the Deka goes dead and I switch the Perko to the all or both position wouldn’t the charge then run from battery one to the other and the accessories would work? Of course if the alt battery is dead and I switch to all the volts will attempt to balance and drain the cranking battery. Maybe I just answered my own question but would still like to hear others thoughts.
    First thing, Id read up on the switch you have and make sure you can switch it while the motor is running, on some or them you cant without risk of damage. Since both batteries are the same type combining them would be fine but yes it would also bring the good battery down by combining with the dead one.

    It just makes more sense to me running everything off of the both or common post and I believe this is the way the switch was meant to be used. One other thing. Your alternator isnt really meant to be used to charge your dead battery but really to just maintain your batteries.
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    Thanks for the reply’s guys. I guess this weekend I need to check it all out. I may just leave it as is since I leave the perko on all at all times and don’t sit around much just jammin usually if we are in the boat someone is on a board behind it, of course you never know when you will need it and my batteries are now about 4 years old I think so it’s probably time to get some new ones anyway.
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