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  1. Sorry to hear that bro. I know there slamed busy but thats no excuse man. I am out of town this weekend but send me an email at and i will call him myself or goto his shop when i get to town tuesday. I know its not like Brian and the crew to get behind like this so ill rattle his cage and see whats up man.
  2. Hey mike,
    Do you know what's up with Brian at Exile? He's not returning my emails or calling me. I ordered a sub and box last month and the box is too small and I haven't got the sub yet. Have you or anybody else had shipping problems with Exile? I've made 3 orders and the last one and this got messed up and I'm stuck wait with my money on the table! I even tried emailing support but still waiting for sub and a resolution to the box. I don't want to get angry with them but I'm losing patience with no word from Brian...sorry to bother you, but I thought you might have some insight as to what is Brians problem. Thanks
  3. Thanks. I knew that is how the original wirng went, but I just ordered an Xi800.4 from Brian at Exile and wanted to be "extra sure" before I go blowing anything up!

    I can't wait (neither can my kids) to fire this stuff up for a sound test!! Still waiting for some goods to be shipped from Exile to complete the install!!!! I've been lookong for upgrades for the sound system for a couple weeks before I asked you about Exile. After all the reviews and talk on the forum and your boat and others I've seen on youtube...Got me pumped and hungry for the stuff!! Thanks for sharing! and the help!
  4. Yes on the rear cabins being 2 ohm and the bow being a 4ohm load on the amp. No this wont hurt the amp as long as its a 2ohm stabile amp. Most all amps are 2 channel amps, then they stack them, add another 2 channel and such then call it a 4 channel. This way if 1 2 channel goes bad the other half of the amp still works. Hope i explained that well enough LOL. feel free to email at as well. Id be happy to help ya with anything i can.
  5. I do have one question, can't seem to find a answer to....On the cabins speakers, wired to a 4 channel amp..rear cabins wired in parrallel...This would be a 2 ohm load to rear channel of amp and front would stay at 4 ohms... is this ok for the amp? Or is there a better way to wire them up?
  6. Anytime man. You wont be disappointed with your Exile gear. They are a stand up company and since they are small they still know customer satisfaction is everything. If you have questions or need any help with anything on your stuff let me know. Ill see what i can do.
  7. Thanks Mike for helping me out getting ahold of the Brian at Exile!! he has been great and helped alot. Had a shipping issue, but he took care of it and I just got me XM7's and Harpoon waiting to get the rest. Still haven't decide to go with the box and big 12 yet, but I ordered the 1500.1 amp. Thanks again for the help!
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