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  1. Hey there -
    Why are you selling? Are you upgrading or are you forced to get rid of it. I'm kinda bummed for you or is it a good thing? Just curious!
  2. Is it pretty expensive? They must have a pump but not on the water?
  3. Jeff,
    Do they have gas at the store there on Tongue Reservior? Heading down there this weekend and wondering if I need to bring gas cans or not? Might need to head into Sheridan to buy gas if they don't?
    Thanks - and are you going to be out?
  4. yah - quite a bit. During mid week if I can get away I'll zip up to Cooney Damn (small but only 1 hr away). Weekends we usually head to yellowtail through the Lovell side. Hardin Side is about same distance but like the Wyoming side better.

    Probably hit Tongue a few times this year too and already planned weekends up in Northwest corner of the state (flathead, salmon, canyon ferry, holter lakes).
  5. Billings Montana
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