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  1. Hey ..sorry for the delayed response ...I just saw this message in my profile. The speakers are infinity and it came with the infinity amp and microphone. They are pretty loud for their size, I was shocked. I use to have wetsounds 3 threesome on my last boat and it was stupid loud and a waiste of money. These infinity's sound pretty dang good to be honest with you and of course they are cheaper. They did come with the boat but were not wired correctly. I like the microphone and now that I have things wired correctly to the radio, I can control the volume on the tower speakers from the little microphone hand held device. I mounted to device down by the drivers cup drink holder area.

    I finished my cheap little amp rack using metal peg board from walmart for less than $20 bucks and bought to 36 metal strips which I cut and used as a frame and mounting points. I mounted them to rub rail and right into the floor. Solid, it ain't moving at Worked out well for less than $30 bucks. I have 3 amps total and they covered the entire 2 peg boards so I didn't even bother with the carpet, you can barely see the peg board.

    The boats at the dealership right now getting unwinterized and it's 100 hour service, plus I'm getting star gazer put in along with an upgrade from G1 to G3 for ballast. I decided I didn't want to do the ballast project myself, I didn't want to screw it up. Plus now it'll be covered under my warranty for the next 3 years so that works for me. They are going to use the jabsco pumps.

    I'll post pics once I get the boat back this week or next from the dealer

    thanks for saying hello

  2. Hey ausbill, just checkin out your boat, looks great, are those tower speakers the infinity? My wife got me those for Christmas with the white infinity marine amp and wiring. I am interested to see how you mount the amp, cant wait to see some pics
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