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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I rarely come on this site anymore... I actually just installed a surf system in my 11 Malibu VLX.... I went with Johnson Pumps and they are awesome. I really like how easy they fill and drain the bags. They are much more effecient than the aerator pumps. They have a little less GPH flow, but with 1" fill and drain lines they actually seem to be quicker. They drain the bags pancake thin because they self prime. If you still have questions please feel free to ask, but I would lean towards the Johnson pumps rather than the Tsunami 800's...
  2. Hey Fman I really liked your "How To" on the Tsunami pump upgrade, thank you very much for posting it. Until recently I stored my boat in rack storage out on the Delta and I live in San Jose so it has been difficult to do any work myself. I live in an apartment with no driveway and most of my tools still reside in Texas. After reading your post I think this is something I could complete as a one day project on my 08 Mobius LSV that I purchased with the Gravity III system. I have been plagued by my bags filling even when the pumps were off and finally after several long drives back to the dealer for service and repair I just decided to shut the ball valve off... This resulted in my never using them again for the last 2-3yrs.... On a trip home to Texas last month I went wake surfing for the first time with one of my friends and got hooked. I ordered up some Jumbo 1100lbs v-drive fat sacs from put them in filled them up.... It took a while and with the ball valve open again my bags would continue to over fill unless I turned each individual valve off after they were full.... After reading your install I am ready to call wakemakers and start ordering the parts I need to mimic yours. Jeeezzz sorry this is so long.. My main questions are if you are still happy with your setup or if you would have done anything different? Also do you have any problems with your bags filling after you shut off the pumps or did the grate modification and vented loops take care of it? My last question is if you happen to remember all the parts and sizes you used to complete your manifold? Thanks again for your post and help if possible with my ballast pump upgrade.

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