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  1. a lot fuller than last season. only thing they are missing is an all black moomba
  2. What's up Boo boo! How are you lakes looking?
  3. Yeah right! When the hell do I have time to get online!? (LOL) Net's slow up here on the Canada line ... I can't get that page to open. But I will check it out when I can.
  4. when you get a chance go to good lil website about surfin
  5. im down, just dont let me drive this time. remember, i am the one who wrecked it the first time out last season. that was the first week of march last year
  6. I say we hit the lake on my next trip home. We need to test everything out nice and early. If it's nice out even get in a set or two ... what do you say? We can make all the cold weather people angry by being on the water first week of March ... what do you say?
  7. yeah, its almost summer. you just need to get out of canada and come back down here to tx
  8. Is it summer yet!?
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