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    I did most of my packing work through the access under the back seat.. it might be easier to remove the water intake hose from the through hull fitting to the trans cooler! Dealer should have the packing rope in stock... if not, call SkiDim. I have asked them to ship USPS instead of UPS before and it saves some $.
    I ordered my decals through Memphis Boat Center.. $87.50 ea. hair dryer helps a lot for removing them...resist urge to use razor blade much.. it is easier...but easier to me! Let the boat sit out in the sun one hot day and they'll come off easy.
    I taped them up with help of my wife and stood back to make sure they were level. The decals come with cover paper and backing. You spray the boat and decal with water before applying, much like window tint and it allows you to move if you have to..but more of a peel and re stick than move.. I have some directions from someone at Moomba plant if you need them.. very helpful.. easy to do..
  2. I do have another question. I saw your pics of where you updated your decals. How did you get the old ones off with out damaging the hull or gel coat? How did you get the new ones straight? Did you purchase the new ones through Moomba? How much were they? I'd love to do that to mine, I just don't want to mess the boat up........
  3. I appreciate the comment on the packing in my 06 LSV. I do have a quick question or two. How did you get access to the packing and jam nut. Did you lower the side wall in the engine compartment or go through the v-drive cover? It seems tough to reach...... I called the Moomba dealer in Dothan this morning on pricing for packing. They haven't called me back. I'll probably just call skidim.......

    Anyway, thanks again.......
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