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  1. Thanks Rick... yea, I get to work at 6:00am... so I immediately log in! Thanks, we spent 2 hours knocking the winter garage dust off of it!
  2. What up, your on line early.......The boat looks good
  3. What up, your on line early.......The boat loks good
  4. Casey, we go at spring break to CO, Warmer! Didnt want to post on main page,so everyone could see
  5. you check out those bullets yet
    Check these out Casey...Go to the video on the tab. watch th demo. Their cheaper than Wets or Exiles a litle
  7. Thanks! Yea, my wife and her twin sister slalom ski together. I tinker with wakeboarding, but nothing serious. I mostly just enjoy being out and on the boat. Thanks for the invite! We just might have to take you up on that. My kids are 10 (twins) and LOVE the lake!

  8. Casey, Nice LS. Like your truck too. I would like to have a black Toyota Tundra some day to match the boat. I am good to hit any lake and meet new friends. I take it you ski more than board, direct drive and skis. We are going to have to hook up some time this summer. We have a place at Grand Lake,Ok if you ever want to come up or meet that would be cool. We have a two daughters at home 15 and ten. Kids would have stuff to do...
  9. chawk, Lets see your boat, No pics yet? Whats your Name. Rick
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