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  1. No that was not us. We dont generally go to ElDorado. Actually have our XLV up for sale right now. So, if you know of anyone looking for a clean 2008 with every option (no heater) and then some, have them contact me.
  2. Were you at ElDorado on Veterans Mem weekend. Passed a boat like yours and said Hi....
  3. Got room for 1 more for trip to Brostock. We are leaving thursday around 3. we split the cost between 5 of us. House sleeps 6. Meeting other Moomba friends there. 316-519-3172
  4. Ok, you got to give me a Name, feels wierd calling you gonracn. LOL. Congrats on the house. We want to move back to small town life too. Have a two daughters still at home, 15 and 11. Older ones gone. Never been to Council Grove or winfield. Went to Skiatook once last fall with my daughter to camp on way to Grand. It was nice. Our holidays are spent at Grand since we bought a place there last summer. I work at Oxy Chemicals and my Angie works as a Nurse at Hospice. Hollar at me when you get your boat out around here and we will come out to meet you. Good to hear your kids will get on a board, my youngest one will not yet. Rick and Angie
  5. Rick
    Sorry for the slow response, I dont log onto this site that much. Check post everyday, but dont log in.

    Boat still covered with winter dust in storage building!! Looking forward to getting it out, just no time yet.

    We spend most of our time at Council Grove, Winfield and Skiatook in Ok.

    We used to live at Kellogg and Maize but are building a home in Valley Center. We have 2 young girls (5 and 9) who are just starting to ride. My 5 year old will get her first board in about 20 days!!
  6. Got your boat out yet? Went out wednesday, water chilly at first but ok after your used to it. 95 out that day. No wet suit required. Hope to catch up with you at the lake. Rick
  7. Good to meet Another Moomba owner in Wichita. I live at 21st and maize. Nice XLV, the boat I would want to own. I go to all the lakes around Wichita and we have a place at Grand. Hope to hangout this you this spring. Rick 316-519-3172
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