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  1. Canyon Lake is about half an hour north of San Antonio in the hill country. It is the clearest water lake that I have been too but that is not saying much cause everywhere we go is mud bottom, Its real pretty though, off the Guadalupe River, and its fairly deep at 100+ feet in a lot of places. We went up there this last year and met my sister and her husband and camped out on the lake. Had blast except for when I left the boards strapped to the Z5 while I trailered the boat to a gas station, z5 broke, boards got pretty dinged up hitting the asphault. wont do that again. I think lakes of the ozark is closer than bull shoals so that may help with our odds. i think if we get a group to split up costs it will be doable
  2. I hear ya 500 miles is long with the boat in tow. Someone told me they heard it was going to Lake of the Ozarks. Where is Canyon lake? If I come to houston you know I will let you know....Like meeting people at hanging at the lake Boarding and having some beers. We have our place at Grand lake in OK, so if you come our way to our home in Ks or OK just hollar at me , we will hook up.Rick and Angie
  3. I want to go to bro stock but it is hard to convince the girl that its worth the money to drive 500 miles to party and wakeboard when we can do it here for a fraction of the cost. We give ourselves one different lake trip a year and I think this next year it is going to the wake the world event on canyon lake. I figured it would be rewarding to take some underprivileged kids for a ride, my good deed for the year. If you come down to Houston shoot me a message and we will take you out for a day to our local riding spot. The Trinity River is considered one of the top riding spots in the state.
  4. I am going to Brostock , you should go to. I have to get my bac deck and transom repaired, so I got to get some cash too. I plan on getting out earlier this year. March is to cold up here, thinking mid April. My sister lives outside Houston have to make trip your way one of these days.
  5. I am not sure but i think brostock is going to be at bull shoals in arkansas again. And i was up at table rock in spring of 2010 on a fishing trip but we did not do any wake boarding. 70 degree water temps are plenty warm to board though, we were out in early march with shorts only in Texas and the water was 68ish but I do prefer a wetsuit when it gets below 75. We just had our first freeze last night with temps down to 27 this morning so it is a good thing i winterized this last weekend, we will probably not make it out until mid march, i still need to come up with some money for repairs.
  6. I have to get a dry suit so I can go longer. Me and some of the guys at work who have boats, see who can be first in and last out. Last year went to TableRock fishing in April and wakeboarded behind my buddies SeaNymph fishing boat. It was awsome, everyone thought we were nuts. May take the Moomba this year....Water was like 70 that day. Kansas gets colder sooner than you guys. Have you heard where Brostock is going to be yet? Rick
  7. Thanks man, the blue looks pretty good I think but I kind of wish I had a white bottom to hide scratches better. Our last ride was black friday after thanksgiving. We could probably go out a few more times but my girl is ready for a break and it will give us a chance to make some repairs we need.
  8. David , nice boat. Love the Blue. Are you still in the water? I live in Wichita ,Ks. Last day in the water was October 28th for me. Rick 2002 Mobius V
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