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  1. Hey Lynn...all those area are filled with my relatives...Geary's, McDonalds and O'Neils. Ever hear of Vowinkle? My relatives owned the Vowinkle Hotel. I try to get back up there at least once a year. I'm from Bethel Park - about 13 miles south west of downtown PGH.

    The Rock is a great school. I really enjoyed my years there. I was on the Men's track team.
  2. Ed, your member name caught my eye. I live in Saxonburg, work in Kittanning and have a camp on the upper Allegheny (pool 8 just below East Brady). Daughter attended Clarion, one son attended E-Boro, and the youngest is going to The Rock this fall. Give us a shout if your back in the burgh this summer and your welcome to join us for a day on the Outback. Mike
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