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  1. yeah I was out on the river today, we were actually there since friday but weather was crappy all weekend. i made it out on the river today for one set and it was pretty much perfect!
  2. Livingston is down only about 5" now. Wish I was out on the river today...instead, I'm home doing trailer maintenance.
  3. That is true for the bethy creek cut however you do not have to go through the bethy creek cut to get into the river. In river side there is a free public boat launch at the HWY 19 bridge that crosses over the river. This launch is deep and dumps you all pretty much into like 20-30 ft of water in the middle of the river. It was how we had to launch last year due to the lake being 4-5 ft low. It the water does not come up by our camping trip in october then we may be going the hwy 19 route but it seems to be raining pretty frequently, can't figure out why it is still a foot low.
  4. Hurricanes...don't you just love 'em?

    My impellers take suction through intakes on the bottom of my hull. All water drawn into the impellers also cycles to both engines to cool them. I can idle through shallow stuff but if I'm stirring up sediment, it can circulate into some pretty small lines going to the oil coolers and engine blocks. I've been in muck that never resulted in a clog but maybe I've been lucky. When we're talking river, I'm thinking muck on the bed. If it's a rocky bottom, that is less worrisome. Anyway, we'll check it out when the time comes.

    The Trinity and the lake are joined so can you use the lake level to somewhat predict the depth at the entry to the river? The lake is down 0.7' today (see link). So, could one assume that the water at river entry is about 1.8' to 2.3' deep today?

    Appreciate all the tips you've given on this place!
  5. The cut NEVER gets over 3 ft deep unlee we are in a flood. I think normal depth is right at 3 ft or 2 1/2. I have never had or heard of anyone having issues with sucking sediment up into their cooling system but it's your boat and I understand the concern. The good think about it is that if you do not want to use the cut the HWY 19 public boat launch is just a couple miles away. Bad thing is you can't access Bethy creek by water from there without going through the cut haha. Like I said, if yall want to check it out next weekend we will be out there on my buddies Supra and then on my boat Oct 5-7. Glass for miles, you can go 14 miles without having to turn around pulling a rider. It is awesome.

    And yeah, working on a drillship for schlumberger living the offshore life. I am supposed to be in key west right now but isaac backed our crew change up by 3 days so I wont get off here until monday
  6. My draft is only 16" but I prefer to have 3' of water so that I don't suck sediment into my cooling system. I read where you're on a drillship in the GOM. Have spent 34 years of my life working in the GOM and all over the world. Be safe out there! Son and I talking about Bethy Creek as we speak so appreciate the heads up on the water level.
  7. The water level is a little low right now so if you go to bethy creek you might not be able to make it through the cut into the river. You may be fine in a yamaha jet boat though, you dont draft as much as us inboards. 15 miles from huntsville sounds about right, its right off HWY 19 pretty much. We will be up there in Oct for a weekend and I think we will be out there next Sunday. The storage is actually not that great but you can see it when you get there. I have a friend who is thinking about opening his own storage in the area in a year or two.
  8. Actually I saw the photos/videos from the Texas Jam you all had at Bethy Creek earlier this year. That does look like a fantastic area. I have a son going to SHSU in Huntsville this year. I've already been talking to him about making a trip over to Bethy Creek this month to check it out. Mapquest says it's only 15 miles from Huntsville. Hopefully, we'll get over that way soon and get to experience the Trinity River, first hand! Also, want to check out his boat storage. If it's as nice as I think its going to be, I may just move the boat up north.

    We do spend most of our water time at Somerville. There are a couple of good coves to play in there when the breezes are out of the south. It's not a fancy place for sure.

    By the way, that's a great looking Mobius LSV you have.
  9. I see you are from the Houston area. Ever check out GCWA? Also I see your riding areas do not include the Trinity River. A little farther than somerville but far superior water conditions.
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