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    Default Home Made Flush Kit V-drive

    Here is my out of water adapter, I removed the VDrive inlet hose and attached it there. Tested this weekend, worked awesome and not a big mess in the driveway as with a plunger or in the boat either. I wanted clear hose to make sure not sucking dry and did not have to turn the water on full blast. Cost less then $8 with items from lowes.
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    I have made a fake a lake just like this and it works perfectly. It is great to see that water is flowing to the engine. One warning is make sure you turn off the engine before you turn off the water supply. If you turn off the water first it will create pressure in the system.
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    I use this same setup and it's great. One change I made was to use radiator hose. The softer tubing I used initially burst when i turned off the engine after it got up to temp.

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