As for dogs i have alway's had one type or another. two years ago i had my long time friend put down as she came down with cancer>>>>>erg. Since then my wife and i got a pair of true labradoodles one boy and one girl, got the lil boy as the two ladies of the house were ganfing up on me. amazing dogs as my old girl was a lab sheapard cross.
love them to bits.

On another note seeing the nice harley brought tears to my eyes. last tuesday my father and two uncles were on a bike trip down south headed to mexico. in arizona very good friends of ours were traveling to scotsdale and the lead bike carrying best friends of the family..Jody and Frank Blew a tire.
Frank managed to get it slowed down to about 35mph when the bike bit in.they were both thrown from the bike......Frank broke his leg in three spots.

Jody Passed away.really great people.she will be missed.

Please check your tires.there is a shelf life. this doesn't always help as frank had a new set put on before departing Alberta. the bikes were trailerd to Vegas. he only had a few hundred miles on them.
PLEASE everybody have a safe summer.