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    Default tower speakers

    I am looking to put a nice system in my boat and ran across a good deal on some Bazooka tower speakers. Has anyone used these on their boat or even heard anything about them? I really like the Wet Sounds stuff but wonder if anyone has any Bazookas. If I go with the Wet Sounds I was looking at the 3-SOME package or the Double-Up package for the tower.

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    3-some has more range. Never listened to or heard the Bazookas in person.

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    badasshybrid -

    My advice is, give some thought as to how serious of setup you want to do on your tower. Both Brands you mentioned make great stuff but are targeted at two opposite parts of the marketplace. The biggest performance differences are going to be if you want to step up to HLCD technology. This will cost more and also provide some amazing sound levels out to 80 feet and beyond. On the other hand, going with the Tubbies will be more cost effective, take less amplifier power to run but are based on traditional car audio speakers. This will give you less of the amazing sound level for your riders.

    As you can see, each route you asked about has its benefits. Ultimately it comes down to cost versus performance. I think you'll find guys on this forum that have both setups and can give you some practical insight before you take the plunge.


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    hlcd and don't ever look back....
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    +1 on the wetsounds.. I have the 3 some setup and its amazing.
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    Welcome man.

    I havnt herd the Tubbies but they were on my list last summer before i got the KMT6s and decided not to get the tubbies after i recall how there tubbie sub system worked and sounded.

    Now when you say Tubbie tower speaker and Wetsounds in the same thread. To me i hear hear Camero and Porsche.

    Camero is fast, loud, looks pretty decent. But it isn't no Porsche.

    Both get ya to the destination but one has more style class, and turns heads a lot more.

    My thought is if your going to spend 400 on Tubbies or 800 on Wetsounds, then spend the extra coin now and save the < Wish i would have got WS or when you see and hear WS on the water think man i could have had that >

    I personally don't like WS only because i don't like there cases. They sound amazing thought ill give them that. I have my own love for Tower speakers and most here know what they are by now.

    If you want to spend the 400 for really nice towers, id go with some Bullets, Cans with WS speakers in them or something that route. I just don't think you will be happy with Tubbies bud.
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    Honestly, the larger Bazooka is not bad for listening at rest around the swimdeck or maybe even at wakesurfing range. The bass reflex enclosure is tuned very high and has a very pronounced midbass peak that provides the illusion of bass, at least at near field. They're fairly efficient and do not require big power to run. They use a conventional type direct radiating tweeter with overall construction that is no more robust than a common coaxial. The Bazooka hits an entry level price point and are certainly very competitive within their bracket.

    However, do not get them confused with the performance of a true HLCD at wakeboarding range. WetSounds, Bullet HollowPoints and Exile (look, I gave Brian a plug) have some powerful offerings in the $800 to $850 range.

    And, just like mmandley wrote, if you don't have HLCDs once you're parked next to someone who does you might be kicking yourself.

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