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    Wow man I'll bet those things scream. You inspired me to get all my stuff done as well Your sure right about having them Sandblasted before. They wouldn't even powdercoat them without doing that. I also got my tower mirror arm done in Black, and my hydrofoil rack too. I really like them all black. Did I mention I like Black LOL


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    Update: this project is complete. I got an Alpine PDX-4.100 to run these speakers because it delivers full power at 4 ohms. It's conservatively rated at 100 RMS x 4 which is plenty to push these speakers hard. It's also Class D with a very small footprint.

    The sound is much cleaner now that I can set the crossover points and gains separately! These are very bright speakers and are a little harsh if you are on the sun pad with them cranked, but as you move back the sound smooths out nicely. Next step is installing an EQ to control tower and cabin speakers independently!
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    Those look AMAZING all black... nice work! When the polished finish on mine starts to pit I will have the frames and cans blasted and redone all black. Thanks for posting pics!

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