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    Speaking as a University of Georgia fan, I will say the love of college football can definitely be "nuts". That is why we are F.A.N.s. FAN is short for FANatic.

    But to try to answer your question, it is truly a different atmosphere at a game cheering on a group of college athletes. Kids are not getting paid for one. Not that I have anything against professional athletes. In fact given the average career is less than 5 years, I think they should get as much money as possible. But when you know these STUDENT athletes are having to balance their studies and the schedule of being athlete as well, it is remarkable to me.

    Football outside of the Southeastern U.S. is just different anyhow. It is much more pro oriented.

    ED, if you ever get a chance to attend a college football game in the South, I HIGHLY recommend the event. There is nothing better than tailgating on a crisp autumn afternoon and then watching "The DAWGS" run out onto the field with 93,000 of your closest friends.

    That being said I am going about to go watch UGA play in the Independence Bowl. Man it is an off year, when I am having to watch an unranked UGA team in the Advocare V100 Independence Bowl.

    GO DAWGS!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed G View Post
    oh, okay that explains it.

    Personnaly, I'd rather go to Women's gymnastic meets. The competitiors are so much better looking and they grunt just as loud.
    Ed two words for you. Collage volleyball.
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