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    Default Giunea Pig

    I volunteer myself to be a "guinea pig" and test out a pair of these if a dealer or manufacturer wants to send a pair out

    I know, I know - selfless sacrifice for the Roo Crew!!

    But I really am leaning towards these to replace the stock kickers in the 6 1/2Roswell cans. They sound like crap I'm wondering what to do with the hole that will be left by removing the attached tweeter? Hmmm...

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    Lights in the holes maybe????? I personally don't see the use in tower lights, as there is basiically no legal way to use them, but it is a thought.... I wonder if there are some that would fit in those holes?

    No these are not replacements for the KMT6. I have to wonder why the cones are rotted; did they get something on them? Armor all or anything like that? The KMT6 cones are UV-stabile, so I wonder if they got something on them somehow... There is basically no good way to repair/replace the drivers for a KMT6, as the enclosure is glued together as well as screwed. Some folks have managed to get them apart, but you never know if you are going to break the enclosure until you remove the screws and pry....


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