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David, the "free-air" reference in this case is the drivers footrest in the Moomba, which when cut open is a hollow open cavity into the ski locker to port and towards the stern of the boat for wires and cables to run through. SC uses this location for the optional factory sub and many have installed one there. That's why Al (Cab13367) is asking these questions about free-air.

Also, at what point do you recommend crossing over on the sub freq to increase the overall bass as you mentioned?
Actually, what I said in a nutshell is that the footbox where I have the sub installed is so far from being sealed that my sub is more or less in a freeair state. As Razz says, there is a big hole on the end of it next to the ski locker plus there is a hole on top where all the cables run through plus there is a hole that leads to a chaise under the flooor of the boat. I know my Polk MOMO sub is not a free air sub and again, I plan to seal the enclosure or try to make a ported enclosure out of it and see how that sounds.

So I wasn't asking any questions about a free-air sub, I just mentioned that my sub is basically operating in a free air state.

While we're on the subject, what characteristics makes a sub a good "freeair" sub? That is, how is it different than a non-freeair sub?