Okay, time for another newbie question. I am going to use the 5th channel on my Kicker ZX700.5 to run the subwoofer. This channel puts out 210w rms at 4 ohms and 420w rms at 2 ohms. So to get the most out of the amp, I am thinking of replacing my current Polk/MOMO single voice coil 4 ohm sub with something that can be configured for 2 ohm operation. I see that they sell dual voice coil (DVC) 4 ohm subs and DVC 2 ohm subs. I know that I can wire the voice voils in parallel on a 4 ohm DVC sub so the amp sees a 2 ohm load. But my question is, should I go that route or should I buy a 2 ohm DVC sub and just use one voice coil. Will the sub perform better if both voice coils are being used (i.e., buy the 4 ohm DVC and wire the voice coils in parallel). I really don't know how these subs work, as you can tell.

The best bang for the buck 4 ohm DVC that can handle about 400w rms seems to be the Kicker CVR104 (about $75 shipped) - anyone have experience with this sub?

I was really liking the Boston Acoustics G310-44 ($110) until I read that it has a foam surround. Doesn't seem like that would hold up very well over time.

Your thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.