I am going to be replacing the speaker wires to all the cabin speakers as part of my stereo upgrade project. I was thinking of running the wires from the starboard speakers thru the footbox, around the center ski locker, up the hole in the floor by the batteries and to the amps. Is there anything wrong with routing them this way? The speaker wires will be running alongside the pos & neg battery cables that go around the ski locker to the distribution block under the dash. Is there a potential for the speakers to pick up noise this way?

I noticed the factory routed the speaker wires either around the bow or around the back of the boat which is a longer run than going thru the ski locker. I'm wondering why they did it that way. Maybe because of the noise potential, or maybe because they run the wires before the top and bottom parts of the hull are joined together so it's easier to do it the way they did.