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    Default Gas smell under cover after storage

    Well, I was desperate for a rope yesterday, so I ventured under the cover of our boat to search for an extra rope. I couldn't help but notice the strong smell of fuel. This is the second winter we have stored it, but I do not remember the strong smell last year when I first took it out of storage.

    When I take it out of storage tomorrow, can anyone offer a suggestion on the first thing to look for?

    I have an '03 Outback LS, Carb.

    THREE FEET DEEP?????????????

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    Default Replying to Topic 'Gas smell under cover after storage'

    Is this your first boat under cover? You will always smell a lot more gas from a covered boat than a noncovered boat or a car that is even garaged. I had a Chris Craft before my Moomba. It had a strong smell under cover and so does my Moomba. Remember that your boat engine is enclosed and the gas and oil fumes do not have a way to escape as easily like a car or a non-covered boat.


    2001 Moomba Outback LS w/tower, ballast and 320hp Indmar TBI. 4 blade prop, front and rear ballast

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