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I tried that route already. I bought 100' of OFC 16 gauge Hitron brand wire from sonicelectronix for $9 (see link below) and when I got it, I was disappointed in the size of the copper compared to some other 16 gauge wire that I already had. I just happen to have a micrometer so I decided to mic it. It mic'ed out at about 0.045" diameter whereas true 16 gauge is supposed to be 0.051". Not a big deal but I am surprised at how much disparity there is in wire thickness within the same gauge wire by different manufacturers. The copper in the $30 monster cable looks twice as thick by comparison.

I also ordered some of the 12 gauge Hitron wire and it was even worse - mic'ed out at about 0.061" instead of 0.081 like it's supposed to be. I am going to return both wires.

I'll try and take pics of both 16 gauge wires side by side and post it tonght. It's pretty dramatic.

Yeah, unfortunately there is plenty of cheap junk out there too. I buy a lot from monoprice.com and have never had an issue there.