I stumbled across these on EBay. The wires run through the clamp for a clean look. And at $332 shipped for two double pods (4 speakers total) loaded with Polk db651's, these have to be one of the best value in tower speakers out there.

My question to the group is, if I was to mount these on the rear crossbar of my 2006 LSV tower, how would I go about routing the speaker wires to the rear crossbar? I would have to snake the wires up the front tower leg, thru the front crossbar, make a hard 90 degree turn and go thru one of the oval connecting tubes to the rear cross bar, then make another 90 degree turn before exiting out a hole thru the clamp to the speaker. How in the heck would you do that?? Mounting them to the front crossbar is not an option for me as it would interfere with the bimini.

I currently have four of the old version of these speakers on my tower but they are single pods and they don't have the concealed wires. They are very good quality.