granted you can get more features on other kenwood decks for same money, but the intriguing thing with this one is keeping your ipod or mp3 in my case out of sight. no need to run other cables or find a place to install a holder. not real sure that any additional features are really needed in the sonically imperfect boat world. as long as it has good specs out and 4v preouts, not really much else needed. fancy tone settings and parmetric eq's really aren't needed in a boat.
seems that some of you have decks mounted in the glovebox. mine in the supra is right next to the steering wheel, so the mp3 storage is a big plus. keeps it all convenient.

it is a standard din size, but does have an additional outboard box that you would have to mount.
cd's are dying the same death cassette's and 8tracks are. I have a kenwood with the usb connector and xm in my truck and can't remember the last time I used a cd in it..