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    Quote Originally Posted by sandm View Post
    are you positive that any other kenwood deck will work with the pucks?
    there isn't a connection on the back of the one pictured above for the pucks to plug into and all the info I see online states it must be a marine deck??

    I didn't say that any other Kenwood deck will work with the RC pucks. It has to be one that will work with steering wheel mounted audio controls. The light blue wire coming out of the chassis in the pic above (labeled "remo cont") is the wire that you would connect either the steering wheel audio controls in a car to or the remote controls pucks on our boats.

    I know for a fact that my KDC-x692 which is not a marine deck has this "remo cont" wire, this is what I connected my RC pucks to and it works.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cab13367 View Post

    Go to and search the Kenwood KDC-MP638U head unit. At $130, this is the cheapest Kenwood HU they carry that is compatible with the factory remotes. The key is the light blue wire comimg out of the back of the chassis as seen in the pic below. It is labeled "Remo Cont" (hard to see in this pic but it's easy to see on the pics of the other more expensive Kenwoods) and this is the wire that you need to connect the remotes to. If it doesn't have this wire, then it's not compatible with the factory remotes.

    I bought a similar model (Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X692) that is now discontinued. I would personally go with the Kenwood KDC-MP442U for $10 more as it has aux and USB inputs on the front. Like the KDC-MP638U, it also has 3 pairs of 4V preouts which is important if you decide to add amps down the road.

    As far as wiring your 6 speakers to the 4 channels on the head unit, just do what the factory does - wire the 4 rear speakers in parallel to the rear channel and wire the front speakers to the front channel.

    Also, I don't see why your white Aeware remotes wouldn't work - I haven't heard of any of them going bad.

    Good luck with the project.

    Do you know if Kenwood still makes a CD player with the blue wire coming out the back? I know I'm dragging up a thread that is 5 years old and that is why all the CD players you mentioned are now discontinued. Any suggestions on how to find the last model that Kenwood made that had the blue wire coming out? I could maybe find it used somewhere.

    thanks in advance for any info.

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    Just look on the Kenwood website. I believe you are looking for "steering remote in". For example:
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