So I am going to begin fixing up my repo over the winter, not sure I'll be "done" by next season, alot to do, and I will probably post several more times with questions as I go but I'll start with the stereo.

I am going to try and pick up six of the DB651's while they're still on sale, looks like I'd be an idiot not to. I have the white Aeware remotes on the console and stern. Its not had a stereo in it since Ive had it so I'm not positive they even work but thought I'd get a compatible deck on the chance they do. I did some research and found somewhere any Kenwood marine deck model # ending in MRCC would work w/the remotes, but looks like some posts here indicate others, including non-marine decks, would also work. I'm dont absolutley have to have a marine as mine would be in the "glove box" though I like the idea of water resistance, though not at the price of performance. So, long way of saying I'm looking for deck recommendations and an opinion as to if I can get a quality compatible deck or should I look at replacing the remotes as well?

And one last probably stupid question; The boat will have six speakers but all decks seem to be 4 channel; so how do I hook up to all six speakers w/o using an amp? Or do I?

2005 Outback; stripped for now.