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    Default Who OEMs the Moomba Accessories???

    Does anyone know what manufacturer(s) Moomba gets their accessories from? For example, when you buy wakeboard racks from Moomba, my understanding is that they are Mako racks. What about Moomba tower speakers, amps, subwoofers, light bars, fat sacks, etc.? I like the one-stop buying/installing of getting these at the Moomba dealer, but I want to make sure they are best quality.

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    I believe the Tower Speakers and Light Bars are also made by Mako-Ind, I am not sure about the amps and subwoofers (possibly Kenwood) my boat came with a different stereo than what the Moombas typically came with back in 2001 because the dealer claimed to have a deal with a local stereo shop. The fat sacks are made by Barefoot Industries (the Fly High sacks) and are widely known to be good quality bags.

    Basically all the extras that Skiers Choice have teamed up with are all very good quality products.
    2001 Mobius

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    The stereo and amp are both Kenwood

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